What We Can Offer You at Our Professional Auto Repair Shop


Whether to buy a car or not is a major decision to take. With the many benefits that come along having your own car, perhaps it’s with its high maintenance needs that’s stopping you from buying a car at once. Well, car repairs are significant overtime, but it does not necessarily entail high costs. If you partner with our professional auto repair shop nearest you, you’ll never be having problems on budget shortage. Our car repairs are made available to all our clients at fair and budget-friendly rates. You should come to visit us personally today to consult with our professionals. Keep reading to know more about us at 1ST Auto Service.


If your car hasn’t undergone general inspections for a couple of months now, it might already have damage or issues in its components which you fail to notice. For your peace of mind, bring it right away to a professional auto repair shop in your local area. If you happen to be a resident of Auburn, WA, remember to always seek our professional help at 1ST Auto Service. Our professional auto repair shop has been running in the business since 1985 with numerous clients both from the local and neighboring areas. Be part of our long list of satisfied customers by booking our services today!


A car purchase is a huge investment. Don’t let the money you invested to go to waste by hiring only licensed and certified auto repair technicians to work on your car. Equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, dealing with our auto repair shop can guarantee you with no less than excellent results.


Our professional auto repair shop is originally based and located in Auburn, WA. You should come to visit us personally today for personal consultations and estimates. For bookings and reservations, make sure to call our service hotline today at (253) 939-4816.