Instructions to Spot Auto Repair Scams

Finding a reliable auto repair contractor can be easy once you know what you are looking for

When you experience an issue with your automobile you want to get it fixed at a reliable auto repair shop. But how do you find a repair technician who will guarantee you an affordable and hassle-free experience? Read the following post, which 1ST Auto Service, of Auburn, WA, has prepared for you and find out!

Here are the warning signs to help you spot an auto repair scam:
1Reliable auto repair. Your mechanic offers you a set price but refuses to give you a quote for a repair service, charged by the hour. This should give you a hint that the job will be done in just a couple of hours and your car repair technician wants to charge you more. Of course, some reliable repair shops are an exception to this rule as they have a policy to only fix a service price no matter how big or small a repair job is.
2. Don’t fix your car if nothing is broken. If you visit a repair shop for an oil change, for instance, and the mechanic tries to convince you that there are several parts of your vehicle which need to be replaced or repaired, don’t buy it! He may be just trying to take more money from you. Repair your vehicle only if you discover some malfunctions or hear unusual sounds while you are driving it.
3. When a technician tells you some parts need to be replaced, ask him to show you these parts and check if all of them have been used when the vehicle is fixed. Always ask for the old parts back as a guarantee your mechanic actually did all the replacements he charged you for.
4. Check the license and the insurance of the auto repair shop you want to leave your vehicle in. This cannot provide you with a guarantee that the service will be fairly priced but will at least make you feel more secure that you have chosen a reliable contractor.

If you don’t want to be overcharged for a minor auto repair and want to be assisted by a reputable and knowledgeable mechanic, you should definitely stop at our vehicle repair shop! We can help your car run smoothly in no time!