Top 5 common car problems.

Did you know that “United States has almost one car per person? Even babies!” You can imagine that the auto repairs for all these vehicles set back millions of people for an impressive amount of money. You can avoid being in the category of car owners that spend a fortune on auto repairs just by following some simple guidelines. These are the most common car problems, learn how to prevent them and you can make big savings.

1. Faulty battery.

The electrical system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle and it’s all supplied by your battery. If the battery is working properly, your car may stop working on the middle of the road, or fail to start.

In order to avoid these from happening, have your terminals and clamp connections checked on a regular basis. Also, if you use your car for short journeys, make sure you start the vehicle at least 10 minutes before you go on the road. By so doing, the battery has time to charge properly and won’t lose its properties.

2. Flat or damaged tires and wheels.

There is no other more frustrating thing than a flat tire in a busy day. There are ways to prevent your tires to go flat. One of them is to maintain the standard tire pressure at all times. If one of your tires is losing pressure, have it fixed or replaced as otherwise, sooner or later, it will go flat.

3. Alternator faults.

If you have constant problems with your battery or your headlights are dimming most of the time, you may have an alternator problem. If the problem is not attended and auto repairs are not performed, a faulty alternator can cause the death of your battery.
Have your car’s driving belts inspected by a professional mechanic and replace them regularly. By so doing you can prevent huge costs due to alternator replacement services.

4. Starter motor.

Although a robust and durable device, the starter can fail performing properly if not maintained on a regular basis. Starter malfunction can be caused by constant engine starts and stops or by holding the key in the ignition more than necessary.

In order to avoid such issues, visit a reliable auto service such as First Auto Service from Auburn WA and have them inspect your vehicle. They are one of the most reliable auto repair shops in the business and on top of all, they have reasonably prices.

5. Fuel problems.

Every year, more than 1500,000 drivers put the wrong fuel in their cars – diesel in petrol and opposite. Make sure every time you’re putting fuel, you don’t make a mistake, the cost for emptying the fuel tank is pretty high.

Also avoid running your car on low fuel level. All dirt and debris are depositing on the bottom of the tank and they may go in the engine if there is not enough fuel in the tank.

Obviously, the best way to ensure your car will run smooth at all times is to perform regular maintenance. All car owners in Auburn, WA can trust their auto repairs in the hands on the specialists from First Auto Service. The many years of experience have gained them the label of the most reputable auto service in the area. Call now at (253) 939-4816 and schedule for a visit.


Sounds of a Car in Trouble

Small sounds often go unnoticed, but the noises will get louder as the engine get worse. How many times have you been stressed because your windshield wipers creak more than they clean? Probably, countless times. If you aren’t sure which wipers to buy or you don’t know how to change them, help is close at hand. In the South Auburn WA area you can stop by the First Auto Service’s auto repair shop and get some professional advice any time you need it. We stock a full line of top quality wipers for all makes of vehicles and we’ll put them on your car at no charge.

auto-repair-workOther sounds produced by your car may be louder. This is the way your automobile actually speaks to you – that is why we, the mechanics of First Auto Service recommend that you listen to the sounds of your car, because the different types of noise can be a warning that you might need a car repair. Some sounds can mean that your car might have a serous need of repair. But, before a squeaking or small shaking a banging or a sputtering, you should visit an auto repair shop to have your car, and the noise, inspected. Even of the emissions become more than usual, you should consider to visiting our mechanics. Creak sounds also suggest, that soon you might need our brake repair service. But just to be sure, you can come for a regular check, before the break problem get worse. We offer the most dependable break repair in Auburn WA.

Some of the common sounds that your car makes when it’s having a trouble can help you understand the potential problems. An indication that your power steering fluid may be low is when there is a squeaking sound every time you spin the steering wheel. Bald tires may not make a noise, but they can turn your car into one big roller skate on wet surfaces. A hole in your exhaust pipe could put a hole in your wallet; so be sure to have it inspected when you have routine auto repair maintenance done. A bucking or stuttering car may mean a spark plug is misfiring. A high pitched whine, especially when you first start out, could be a loose or worn out serpentine belt. A knocking sound could be worn out rod and piston bearings or the overhead cam is worn out and/or needs a valve adjustment. A metallic sound is a sign that the brake pads have worn out.

Remember that you can rely on First Auto Service, when you need car repair or you need a professional to check it out. Our mechanics will advise you, for the best way to handle any problem.  They specialize in brake repair, emission testing, also various types of auto repairs and checks. They are professionals and they will do anything in their power to prevent further problems with your vehicle. After all, it is all about your safety on the road.