Get Our Brake Repair Service to Fix You Drum Brakes and Pads


Your car’s brake system should be maintained regularly because a faulty brake can lead to accidents. A thin brake pad, loose shoe, and disc brake are some of the issues you face with your car. To keep you family safe, avail of my auto repair service.


I am 1ST Auto Service, I have 20 years of experience in the auto repair industry. I have worked with many different kinds of models and problems in Auburn, WA. When you need an expert brake repair mechanic, hire me. I will gladly provide you with affordable services. I am the choice for most car owners because of my swift services.


The signs you need your brakes checked out are noise, smell, and response of the pedal. If you notice these signs, then you have a problem. Noises are caused by a thin brake pad. The pad comes in contact with the disc pad creating friction, causing the noise. As for the smell, when they overheat because of too much friction, they will start to ruin the pads.


Do not wait for these symptoms to worsen. At the first sign of problems, get your vehicle looked at. I use quality tools to dismantle and inspect your brakes system. I make sure the axle is in great shape and the fluid is sufficient. I am meticulous in assessing your system so no accidents occur.


One of the concerns of most drivers is the replacement. You may have heard of stories regarding overpriced spare parts or poor quality parts. With me, you don’t have to worry about anything. I only use premium spare parts to ensure a working brake system.


I don’t settle for less and always go for the best in the market. Premium spare parts ensure your brake system works when you need it to and improves its lifespan. If you need a quality auto brake repair, call me. You can contact me at (253) 939-4816 to have your car inspected.


I will be happy to head to your location and do an auto repair service. The only mechanic you need in Auburn, WA is 1ST Auto Service. With my expertise, your car gets repaired for a swift and affordable rate.



The Quick Engine Repair Whenever You Have a Car Breakdown


Did you notice the check engine light on the instrument panel? if it is on, then you have a problem with your engine. An engine repair can become too expensive to fix when not attended to right away. Don’t put off getting your car checked whenever it is on.


The auto repair company who can help you check your engine is 1ST Auto Service. I am a mechanic with 20 years of experience. I have worked with different types of engines: diesel or gasoline. I am confident to say that there isn’t a problem I can’t fix. My services are available to car owners in Auburn, WA.


The common problems your engine faces is low oil, bad spark plug, or clogged filters. You may be confident in doing these repairs on your own. However, when you have a blown head gasket or transmission failure, call me. I am trained and knowledgeable in minor and major engine repairs.


I have the tools needed to do a thorough fix. You may be skeptical to have your engine repaired. I assure you that I only use the best tools and spare parts to get your car running again. As a trusted automotive repair specialist, I only follow quality standards because I aim for customer satisfaction.


An engine problem can occur anywhere. When you need someone to fix it, dial (253) 939-4816. I offer mobile services. I will have your car running again in no time. The auto repair company who you need is 1ST Auto Service. Avail of my swift and professional service in Auburn, WA.


Let me help you keep your engine in great condition without having it cost an arm and a leg to repair. The convenient and affordable mechanic you want is me. Why settle for another service provider? Get your car fixed by the recommended mechanic.


Mobile Auto Maintenance for Easy Auto Care


A car comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to have it checked regularly to prevent future headaches. However, with work and family, it is difficult to spare some time for auto maintenance. With 1ST Auto Service, that is all about to change because I offer mobile services.


Do you need to be at work, but your car requires a quick oil change? Turn to me for quality assistance. My mobile auto service offers a range of fixes. From maintenance to engine problems, I will have your vehicle in great shape right away.


The convenience of having your car serviced while at work is a must have. If you reside in Auburn, WA, don’t miss this opportunity for quick, easy, and affordable car care. Instead of going to the shop on the weekends, schedule a maintenance check on Monday. You get to have your weekends free for the kids and the family, it’s a win win situation!


My curbside service comes with a lot of tools. I have a truck filled with quality equipment to help me diagnose and repair your car. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years. There is no car problem I can’t repair. I replace brake pads, spark plugs, and even do head gasket replacement.


Enjoy a smooth running car right after you exit the office. Those pesky noises and burnt smell are no longer an issue with my maintenance service.


The time constraints of having to work a full-time job can prevent you from getting your car checked. With my service, once you noticed the check engine light is on, you can get it serviced without delay. There are no more reasons for your problem to worsen. Dial (253) 939-4816 to avail of my service.


Here at 1ST Auto Service, I am your partner in quick and convenient repairs. Choose me whenever you require professional mobile auto service in Auburn, WA. No more car repair delays with my mobile repair.