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1ST Auto Service is a professional company that provides expert auto repair and auto maintenance services. Our long standing auto repair shop has been on the market since 1985, which speaks for the reliability and expertise of our business. Throughout the years, we have established an impeccable reputation among our colleagues as one of the leaders in the industry. With years of professional experience, we have confidence that our high business standards are a challenge for our competitors in the field. We are mostly proud to serve the residents of Auburn, WA and all surrounding areas with quality work that we offer at competitive prices. Our highly trained team is happy that our expert auto services can guarantee you complete satisfaction.

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Address: 1021 Auburn Way South Auburn WA 98002

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Our specialties include:

  • Brakes

Brake Rotor

The brakes are naturally one of the most important systems in any vehicle. The brake system is a complex mechanism that is encased and can’t be accessed without the help of a professional. That’s why you can’t simply open it up and check what’s wrong with it. There are several signs of brake problems that require some extra attention if you want to detect them in time. If your brakes are either hard to press or soft and slow to activate, you may have a problem. However, if the steering wheel is shuttering and the brakes are making a screeching sound every time, you should press them, then you most certainly need a visit to the auto shop.

  • Tune-up

Oil changeA tune-up service includes a thorough inspection followed by a series of repairs and maintenance checks that help increase the vehicle’s performance and efficiency. It involves replacing some of the parts and pieces that are likely to wear out. Some of them need to be replaced when you reach a certain mileage. Another benefit of getting a tune-up is the maintenance. Every part and system in your vehicle is tested for problems and malfunctions.

  • Electrical work

Auto electrical work

As an experienced auto shop, we have the capability to provide you with excellent electrical services for a wide variety of vehicles and brands. This means, we can find out whatever may be wrong with your vehicle’s electronics and fix it or tune it to your own preferences and needs.


  • Mufflers

Auto Emissions tests in South Auburn WA

Another common issue with most cars is the exhaust system. After a certain mileage, most vehicles start to develop problems with the exhaust system. That is clearly noticeable by the sounds the mufflers give out when you start the vehicle. Some of the more inconspicuous problems you may have with your mufflers include stuck valves, pinholes and rust. We can help you with all of that and more!

  • Air conditioning

Air conditioning repairDriving is not as pleasant without an air conditioner. It can be very pleasant to stick your hand out the window and let the warm wind blow through your hair. However, it’s even better to sit in the cool interior of your car, especially when the summer temperatures reach their peak. So, if your air conditioning is not working at the rate of efficiency you anticipated, it could be due to a leak or a faulty compressor. Luckily for you, all air conditioning problems you may encounter are manageable.

  • and much more 


I taken my car to other auto shops in the area, and it seemed like they charged a lot and I was never sure of the quality of work, then one day I took it to Simon's. They walked me through the whole process and even showed me the issue with my car in their car bays. Thanks for clearing up my own confusion and the price were great also!.

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1ST Auto Service has been dedicated to serve our clients in Auburn, WA, and all surrounding areas since 1985. Our trained team of ASE certified technicians strives to provide you with excellent tune ups and auto repair services, as well as outstanding customer care. Our company is proud with our notable working experience and professional expertise that we have gained throughout the years. We are happy to provide a diverse range of auto services from smaller to bigger scale. Do you need a brake repair, an emission repair, or another kind of electrical and mechanical amend? You have come to the right people!

With us, all your vehicle needs can be completely satisfied at one single stop. We specialize in providing everything that you need from basic oil changes to full service tune-ups. Our renowned auto repair shop can take care of your air conditioning, clutch and transmission, steering and suspension, as well as radiator and fuel injections systems. CV joints, timing belts and chains, tie rods and idler arms, we are highly experienced to handle all. Every part of your vehicle will be carefully examined and repaired in our auto shop. In order that your car can keep its excellent condition for a longer time, we encourage our clients to undergo regular maintenance.

Quality electrical work, auto emission repair, air conditioning and much more.

For a leading auto shop to entrust your vehicle in Auburn, WA and all surrounding areas, call 1ST Auto Service now at (253) 939-4816.

Call (253) 939-4816 for future appointments in Auburn, WA. Do not delay your auto maintenance.

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